Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trip report 11/15 - Toccoa Delayed Harvest

Fished the delayed harvest section of the upper Toccoa around Sandy Bottoms this past Friday afternoon. Well, actually I didn't do much fishing myself. Took a fellow up there with me who had very little fly fishing experience. He had never caught a trout on a fly in fact, and was itching to do so. So anyway, spent most of my time working with him and trying to get him into a few fish. And we did manage to catch a few fish using nymphs and wet flies, and had a fine day overall.
Now about this delayed harvest on the Toccoa. This was my first time on this stretch of river. Been reading a lot about it of course, and by all accounts this is some stellar fishing. And it is. The river itself beautiful and the Georgia hatcheries have loaded every deep pool (well at least the ones we fished) with nice rainbows.
That said, I will be interested to see how the fishing here evolves over the next few months. The DH section is getting absolutely hammered by anglers right now. It seemed there was a car in every pull-off along the river and at least one angler in every fishable run or pool. In fact, the main pool we fished on Friday had just been thoroughly worked over by three other anglers just before we arrived. I only know this because we talked to them in the parking lot.
I suspect these trout will get harder and harder to catch as the weeks go by. Shouldn't take too long for them to wise up to anglers. But I consider that a good thing. I get pretty bored when the fish take any old fly thrown their way. I much prefer difficult trout that make me work for every hook-up. So I hope that happens. I would like to see these fish get extremely selective and become dang near impossible to catch.
Bottom line is this - take some time this winter and go fish the Toccoa DH. This will likely be one of the better destinations for some cold weather troutin' in the next few weeks and months. Good info on the Toccoa fishery can be found here.
By the way, sorry for the lack of photos. I'm an idiot and left the camera at home. I'll take some photos next time I'm up there. So back off.


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