Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trip Report - Chattahoochee River 1/30 (Now with bonus 2/6 Hiwassee Trip Report coverage!)

Thought I'd roll up my past two trips into one report because they're related. Kinda. I fished the Chattahoochee on 1/30 and the Hiwassee on 2/6. Both are area tailwaters and both are fishing really well right now. In fact, pretty much all of the fishing reports on east Tennessee and north Georgia tailwaters have been good as of late. The Clinch, the South Holston, the Elk, the Watauga, the Toccoa - all of 'em. If you live near any of these rivers, now would be a good time to hit one. The recipe for winter fishing success doesn't vary much on these waters. Put a pheasant-tail nymph, say size 14 or so, and/or a #20-22 black zebra midge under a strike indicator and you will catch fish. Chances are good that you'll see some BWO hatches going on as well, so make sure you have #20-22 BWO dries on hand. Bottom line is that this is a great time to be out on the tailwater fisheries around here. You have a bunch of good ones to choose from if you live in east Tennessee or Georgia.

That said, I'm really missing the mountains right now. I've enjoyed these past few weeks fishing the big rivers, but I can't wait to put my feet in one of those small Appalachian streams that begin life as no more than a trickle on the high slopes of a mountain. A trip to the Smokies this coming weekend would go a long way toward soothing that ache.


FinFollower said...

So if you could live in TN based on where the fly fishing was best, where would it be?

Ty said...

Great question, Fin. My vote would be the northeast corner of the state. Somewhere between Knoxville and Bristol. That puts you within a short drive of the best tailwaters in the state - the South Holston, the Clinch, the Watauga. Plus the Smokies are in your backyard. That's 700 miles of mountain streams right there. Then there's all of that North Carolina water just down the road.

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