Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sure, the guy might be a few tics left of center, but we think this is pretty cool

We think ol' Owl Jones might be on to something here. Kinda fun clicking through these links, although we admit to being a tad disappointed about the dearth of carp content.


Mark said...

+1 (and I think owl tends to go more right of center, but maybe I've misread his leanings?)

Either way - FishNewsDaily kicks more butt than a one legged man who won the contest. Woot FND!

Ty said...

Well, yeah, if you look at it from that side of things, Owl definitely leans to the right (which is ok by us since we lean that way too). We just thought "a few tics left of center" would be better than saying "certifiably nuts".

owl said...

Hey! Thanks for the plug! ( You guys know I can see it, right? :) :p ) LOL

Ty said...

Yeah, we know. We just knew that you would understand that when we said "certifiably nuts" we meant it in the best possible way.

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