Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stripers. Totally worth it.

Sometimes, during winter striper season, after the alarm rattles my cage at 4am, I linger for a few moments in my warm bed listening to the wind flatten itself against the window by my head and wonder "Why am I doing this?".

Then later, while I'm watching the backing melt off the reel like ice on a stove and cursing myself for not checking my knots one more time, I think "Oh yeah, this is why.".

Chickamauga Striper

Only one other angler around, an old schooler named Jerome. Like most old school types, he knew his stuff.  He was kind enough to share some serious intel about this striper fishery with me, hard-won info gleaned from a couple of decades of hardcore striper fishing. The kind of info that most anglers wouldn't divulge under penalty of death. So thanks Jerome. You da man!
Jerome with the first striper of the day.


Jay said...

Sweet. There's a lot to be learned from guys like Jerome that fish the spillways of the south... they know how to catch fish!

Ty said...

Absolutely correct Jay. Those guys fish circles around everyone else. Always good to hang out with an old schooler and learn a thing or two.

Bill Trussell said...

Outstanding strips were these coming to the top to feed or did you have to go deep to get the hits. They never came up this year at Smith like they did a couple of years ago. They do come to the surface this time of year, if the water temps are right. These things are a blast on the fly rod when they are on top. I know this one in the following link is a baby compared what you landed but on the 5 wt. rod it was just about all I could handle. Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

Unknown said...

Man, you got it good where you live! I would love to be chuckin flies to some stipers right now.

Ty said...

Hey Bill, thanks for the link! I bet those dudes were a hoot on a 5 wt. To answer your question, I was fishing a BIG clouser on an intermediate line. Jerome was fishing a large shallow running crankbait. So we weren't on top, but we weren't all that deep either. Haven't seen many fish banging bait on the surface so far.

Gotta admit McTage, it is pretty sweet down here.

e.m.b. said...

The photos are just awesome. The lighting...the fish...the industrial background...the satisfaction in faces. It just looks, well, old school. Nice!

Ty said...

Thanks Erin! Been fishing down there since I was a kid. I have a lot of great memories from that funky old place.

lowbrow said...

Looks good. I lived about 2 miles from that spot years ago when I was learning to fly fish. I spent hours down there. I think those TN tarpon were the first non-trout I caught on fly.

Ty said...

We probably crossed paths a few times down there, lowbrow. Impossible to guess how many days I've spent there. I love the fishing, but I kinda like overall weirdness of it too. Never know what you're going to run into at the Chick.

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