Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Striper fishing has been lousy. Lots of rain. Swelling the rivers, pushing the schools of threadfin shad, and the stripers with them, to parts unknown. I am by no means above pissing and moaning about this sort of thing, and probably will yet to the first person that can stand to be around my cranky arse for any length of time.

But then, a few minutes ago, I realized that my wading boots haven't been dry in over a week and I'm starting to get a mild case of tendonitis in the wrist of my casting arm. Sure signs that the past few days have, after all, been pretty ok.


Bill Trussell said...

Take heart better times are on the way, those boots are hard to dry out if there is very little sun, that has been the case here for the past week. Have a great Christmas

Ty said...

No complaints here, Bill. If the boots are wet, then that means they've been soaking in a river somewhere. Can't ask for more than that, really.

Hope you have a great Christmas too.

McTage said...

At least those boots look like they lasted all year...
I feel for you man. Feel free to piss and moan, you deserve it.

Geoff said...

OR you forgot that you left those boots in the bed of the Mazda during all the rain and your lovely wife kindly moved them into the garage for you. "pipe dream"
HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS TYRONE. We need to discuss the annual Jan1 trip that hasnt been so annual..

Ty said...

Those boots are great, McTage. Been very happy with them. And if they're staying wet, that means I've been able to fish a lot lately. Can't say that much these days.

Ha, my wife wouldn't move anything out of the back of that old truck, boots or otherwise. Let's do that New Year's day trip. I'll be in touch.

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