Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Beer Recommendation while trying to avoid tying more flies tonight.

It's winter, or close enough anyway. So I'm at the vise quite a bit now, trying to get all of those empty, picked-over fly boxes filled back up. It's a pain, really. I don't much like tying flies, but I do it because I can tie them exactly how I want them - weight, color, etc.  I reward myself for this drudgery with beer.  And here's a good one I found recently - Terrapin Rye Pale Ale. Very good, very drinkable. The hoppy bitterness is muted in this beer, so if you like pale ales but have trouble getting past that bite on the back end, this would be a good beer to try.

This is an honest review. We are in no way affiliated with Terrapin Beer Company,which in our view is a darn shame.


lowbrow said...

Excellent! The brewery is literally right around the corner from me. I can bike over there on Friday nights in summer when they have bluegrass on the lawn and 4 pours for an $8 ticket. The Hopsecutioner is even better if you like bitter, bitter beer (which I do).

Ty said...

Bluegrass and 4 pours for 8 bucks? You're killing me over here. That's friggin' great.

The Hopsecutioner is definitely on my radar. Gonna pick some up soon. Any idea how it compares to Hop Wallop by Victory?

Bill Trussell said...

I like trying different brews, and the Terrapin is one I will give a try during the holidays. Thanks for sharing

Ty said...

It's a good one Bill. I think you'll like it.

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