Sunday, January 15, 2012

Further evidence of the carp's growing stature in the fly fishing community.

Recent email exchange with a friend in Salt Lake City:

"The Madison opens up May 19th, so you'll need to be here on the 17th or real early on the 18th."

"Dang, that'll be right in the middle of the post-spawn feeding frenzy, but ok."

"Post-spawn of what?"


Long pause, and then finally -

"Remind me to punch you in the mouth when you get here."


Unknown said...

Sorry man. No way you can miss post-spawn and respect yourself in the morning.

John Montana said...

i'm with mctage. you can catch trout anytime.

Gregg said...

The Madison opening with a trillion pink duded guys and dolls? Traffic jams at the launch sites? Give me carp, any time any day, but post spawn-I'd almost rather die than miss that.


Ty said...

Dang it, you guys are NOT making this any easier.

Unknown said...

Aint nutin easy about carpin. Specially not not-carpin.

Mr. P. said...

If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Ty said...

Pretty good McTage. If nothing else this post was worth getting that comment.

Exactly correct, Mr. P.. Could not agree more. By the way, those videos you have been putting together are stellar. Good stuff.

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