Sunday, January 29, 2012

Officially on the board for 2012.

Tough, windy day on the flats today, but managed to stick a small common. First carp of 2012.

On a Mean Ol' Dirty Frisco, no less.  The carp tracked it down from over a foot away in stained, almost muddy, water. I hope this means the larger profile of this fly, as opposed to my usual PT, is easier for the fish to see in murky water. The PT often will not draw a take unless you drop it right on the carp's nose. Or at least within a few inches. One carp doesn't mean anything of course, but the MF'er may have some promise.


John Montana said...

Killing me.

McTage said...

Dude, you werent even thinking of trying this early last year! Time for therapy. I hear celebrity rehab has openings.

Bill Trussell said...

If that fly had a brain it would swim away as fast as it could---why the crap has to the ugliest fish on the planet. I am glad you were able to land that brute. What weight and length rod do you use to go after the crap? Thanks for sharing

Gregg said...

Killing me too. I scouted a local pond yesterday, no rod, and though water winter low, plenty for the commons, grass carp, koi, and other warmwater species. As I sat along side a connecting canal for long minutes, I saw a carp, then a bluegill, but the bottom in really stained water was playing tricks with a greedy/hopeful/maddened mind. Good on you for that fish! I like your fly, though I rarely use a fly smaller than an 8 here, maybe I should take your lead.


Ty said...

Couldn't take it any longer, John. Had to get out and try to get one.

I know, I know, McTage. Completely gone over now. Pretty much a full-time carper these days. I hold you largely responsible.

Ah, Bill. You need to try it sometime. You'll come to love 'em! I caught that little guy on a 5 wt.

Thanks Gregg. I think there's definitely a place for small flies in carping. On my home water, I rarely take one on a large fly. By the way, next time I'm out I'm going to try the "Gregg Egg" out on some carp I found in deeper water. Gonna put it under a strike indicator and see what happens.

Water Testing Kits said...

I know there's definitely a location for little trips in carping. On my home water, I hardly ever take one on a enormous fly. By the way, when I'm out I'm going to try the "Gregg Egg" out on some carp I found in further water. Going to put it under a arrive at indication and see what happens.

Ty said...

Yeah man, put it under an "arrive at indication" and report back to us.

Further water, indeed.