Friday, January 27, 2012


Stone, because it sinks like one. And because it's a serviceable imitation of a stonefly nymph.

Simple, because even we can tie it.


No points for creativity here.  This is a long shank nymph hook (Daiichi 1720 in this case, size 6), lead wrapped from bend to eye, rubber legs tied in here and there, and topped off with a few wraps of chenille. A simple, deadly pattern.  This fly and others like it have been around since Lefty was in diapers. Which makes me wonder why it didn't become a permanent resident in my fly box sooner.

Speaking of deadly by the way, check out the EPIC carp fly swap that McTage is hosting over on Fly Carpin'.  EPIC.


John Montana said...


Bill Trussell said...

The stonefly nymph is one of my favorite flies, it will attract a hit with nothing else will. The pattern you are showing could be great for warmwater action too. Thanks for sharing

Gregg said...

Got em'. never used them yet. Mine variegated chennile and spanflex legs. Used to use and lose Kaufman's Rubber Legged Stone, somewhat tedious to tie. If I ever find carp in stonefly water...


Ty said...

Thanks John1

Yup Bill, I've caught all kinds of fish on this fly. Just a great all-around pattern.

That's what I like about this fly Gregg. It's super easy to tie, unlike the Kaufman's and some others out there. Works just as well as far as I can tell. And I've got some plans for this fly and carp this year. Won't go into detail here, but I'm thinking bubblers and backing sighters.

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