Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Carpaganda - Preachin' it

The best we can figure is that there was some sort of scheduling error, or else the program director was out of town ("You spent two hours talking about what?!?!").

Anyway, we somehow managed to wrangle a guest spot on Tony Sanders Outdoors, a very popular and well-respected (until now anyway) local radio show for hunters and anglers, to discuss flyfishing for carp. That's right - fly fishing for carp.

These two carp-centric hours clearly marked the zenith of Tony's show, if not of the station itself.  It was a moving discussion of tailers and tailwaters, of canoes and cane poles, of sunbathers and swamp donkeys.  Tony himself was moved to tears, although not until the third threatening call from the station manager.

A big thanks to Tony and his co-host Rob "Gar-Daddy" Prytula for having me on the show. Enjoyed it fellas.


Gregg said...

I did not find the show, couldn't last 2 hours anyway. The more exposure to carp as game fish on the fly the better. Good stuff.


McTage said...

Very cool Ty! That must have been a great experience. Two hours sounds fun but hard though! I wonder what the audience was thinking.

Mr. P. said...

Excellent! Good for you.

John Montana said...


Ty said...

Tony hasn't posted that show on his site yet. Usually takes him a week or two. Should be up soon. And I agree, too few people realize that the carp is the ultimate fly rod game fish.

It was pretty cool, McTage. A lot of the time was commercials, so it wasn't as tough as you might think. Actually went by pretty quickly. I'm sure Tony's usual listeners weren't sure what to think. A few of them called in though and we had some fun discussions. Good people.

Thanks Mr. P!

Yeah John, gotta admit, it was pretty sweet.

Bill Trussell said...

This has nothing to do with the show---but I notice you have an image of the Hiwassee as you header for your blog. How much fishing do you do there, and when is the best time to fish the Hiwassee. My son-in-law and I fish the Caney Fork and the Hiwassee look similar.

Ty said...

Bill, back in my trouter days I fished the Hiwassee 40 or so days a year. These days I usually get up there 4 or 5 days a year. The best time up there is December through June in my opinion.

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