Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trip Report - 3/11/12 - Big Two-Hearted Carp Flats

Nick struck and the rod came alive and dangerous, bent double, the line tightening, coming out of water, tightening, all in a heavy, dangerous, steady pull...The reel ratcheted into a mechanical shriek as the line went out in a rush. Too fast. Nick could not check it, the line rushing out, the reel note rising as the line ran out.

I spent a few seconds admiring this fat healthy carp and, inexplicably, thought of Hemingway. Specifically about the above scene from Big Two-Hearted River. Came home and read it again for maybe the one thousandth time. What a masterpiece.

Guess this is just a long convoluted way of saying I caught a carp today. It ate an MF'er, and fought well and with honor and showed courage.


Gregg said...


I am super glad you are into them big time already it seems. That is a pretty fish. Can't wait to throw one at a crp of my own. If Hemingway had only known carp.


Trout MaGee said...

Nice pic and nice looking fish. Nicely done my friend! Thanks for sharing. Tight Lines.

Bill Trussell said...

You have inspired me to land at least one crap this year. I do know where they spawn on the lake I fish. From all reports I have read on your blog it is one awesome fight. Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

One of these days you are gonna get one the size of your canoe and then you will be Hemingway's old man of the flat.

Ty said...

I beg ol' Hem caught a carp or two in his day, Gregg!

Thanks MaGee!

Check those spawning spots later in the year, Bill. Those carp will often feed in those spots after the spawn. And send me a map!

That's the plan, McTage. That's the plan.

lowbrow said...

Digging the Hemingway. The honor and courage of carp are underrated (but not around here of course). Nice fish.

Ty said...

Agree, LB. Carp are nothing if not honorable and courageous.

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