Sunday, June 24, 2012

June notes and a Beaver Island video

A quiz:

As the parent of a Little Leaguer, you should encourage your child to play with a level of competitive intensity appropriate for:

a. a game where having fun and learning the fundamentals are the important things.
b. the Olympic Trials
c. Iwo Jima

Little League baseball around here is intense. Sometimes disturbingly so. The regular season is bad enough, but All-Stars is insane. As far as I could tell, the only difference between Little League All-Stars and MLB is that the major leaguers play fewer games and get paid millions of dollars. Also, their parents are far less likely to get into a fist-fight after a game.

And yes, I stole the above "Iwo Jima" bit from Dave Barry.

Anyway, I think all parties involved are glad baseball is done for the summer. We can dispense with the hot dog/grape sno-cone dinners and get back to our normal lives, by which I mean carp fishing. A quick glance at the blog roll will tell you that carp season is in full swing and a lot of nice fish are being caught. The main problem I see with this is that none of those fish are being caught by me.

If that sounds like whining, then yes, it probably is.

Still, there are a few notes from June with mentioning:

-The month of the mirror carp continues – Frankly, it’s getting a little eerie.

-My only notable carping experience recently was sticking a large grassie cruising a line of downed trees. Casting to any carp within a fin beat or two of brush is a questionable choice, but add 5X tippet (I know) to the formula and defeat is all but guaranteed. The grassie turned immediately and dove into the submerged tree tops, breaking the tippet with such force that the line snapped back toward my head in a muddy tangled clot. Angler safety reminder – always wear glasses when fishing. Also, keep your mouth closed.

-The spider webs around the docks remain empty, so the willow fly hatch apparently has yet to materialize.

-And finally, been exchanging a few emails with a fellow carp-head named Zino, who recently took a trip with Kevin Morlock of Indigo Guide Service fame for some Beaver Island carp. Below is a video from ol' Zino from the day with Kevin.  Two words: awe - some.


Bill Trussell said...

Little league can get a little out of hand, I can remember when my son was playing and the stress and anxiety that went along with the game was out of bounds. Get out there and land some more monster carp, looking forward to another report.

Gregg said...

Yep, I was wapped on the back of ny head once by my coach, don't remember why for. Eventually my sport of choice was distance running, I hit my own self there. Hey, it seems even BI can be hit or miss. It seems to me anybody's carp fishery can become a destination. Gosh Ty, I force feed tiny midge pupa to 3X, but it sounds like that break off may have happened anyway.

HighPlainsFlyFisher said...

Awesome video! I was relatively content with my local carping waters until watching that...damn I've gotta make that trip. Add another one to the ole bucket list.

Ty said...

Yeah Bill, it can get kinda crazy, no doubt about it.

The tippet thing was my own fault Gregg. I only had time for a short trip and basically threw everything in my canoe and headed out. When I got to the flats I found I only had the 5x with me. Curses!

Know what you mean HP, Beaver Island is on my list as well. What Gregg says is true though - it can be hit or miss. Then again, I guess that's pretty much all carp fishing!

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