Saturday, July 7, 2012

Target-rich environment.

Bootsucker Flats
I have a good friend in the Army who described one of his deployment destinations as a "target-rich environment". He didn't elaborate and I didn't ask him to, but I thought of that description Wednesday out on the flats. Carp were everywhere.  The area in the above photo is two feet deep or less and the fish were scattered throughout. It's unwadeable for the most part - the mud can easily suck you down to mid-shin in most places - so a canoe or kayak is essential. Nailed a fair number of commons and one decent grassie. A #10 pheasant-tail , unweighted, was the ticket although I don't think it matters much. Small, dark and on the nose will get the take.
Still-life : Dork with Carp

27 inch grassie. Just a shade under 8 lbs.
I'm finding mornings are key. The carp thin out, presumably heading for deeper, cooler water, around noon or so. You can still find them cruising the deeper edges of the flats in the afternoon, but this is a hard way to go about it and is far from consistent.


John Montana said...

Nice Ty!

I need to put you on some hard bottomed OR some carp in the rocks!

Unknown said...

Ever thought about mud-shoes. Like snow-shoes but well...muddier? One of the places you might end up at in MI has a similar problem (it can be worked around easily enough) and I always thought mud-shoes could work.

Gregg said...

Yep Ty, I see places like and just long for fish I can't reach or get to. Good you were able to! I still would feel strange fishing a small fly as such, but that sounds like a personal problem. Lately here also mornings and evenings are becoming the key, but as yesterday I stayed the whole day as my mantra says, "I might miss something," though I know better. A grassie-too cool, I am going to become better on those and get my first mirror this year I know.


Ty said...

John, that is going to happen. My goal is to be knocking on your front door this time next year!

Never heard of mud-shoes,Trevor. Interesting. I'll Google them up. Meeting Miles in the morning for some carping. I'm stoked!

Know what you mean about the "might miss something" deal, Gregg. I'll usually stay out there and try to hunt down a stray carp or two even after the main event is over. The heat has been chasing me off the water lately though. Been getting cooked out there!

Mr. P. said...

Good report Ty. Does that flat have the "Georgia red clay" you talk about?

Ty said...

Yup Mr P., a lot of it is that red clay. Stuff is like glue. Other parts of that flat are this weird soupy black mud that reminds me of quicksand. Either way, better have your boot laced up tight if you step into it!

lowbrow said...

Fine work. Now you tell me about the morning thing. I had a barren afternoon trip on Sunday, and had a strong feeling I was missing things starting at 1.

Ty said...

Heck, I just figured that out not long ago myself, lowbrow! Seems like common sense now that I think about it though.

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