Sunday, July 22, 2012

Truth in Carping.

Carp were caught today. Not many. A few. But given the facts of the situation, it's clear that I took a beating.  Below is a photo of 7, maybe 8, carp crawling and feeding in extremely shallow water. Pods like this were numerous, the carp plentiful.

I will tell you that an afternoon thunder-boomer chased me off of the water before I had a chance to figure these fish out. You know, really get after them with different techniques, with a variety of flies. But the truth is this - they kicked my arse today. Period.

And I liked it.


John Montana said...

Been there. Frequently.

Jay Zimmerman said...

Gotta love it. If we wanted easy...we would trout fish!

Unknown said...

Sounds familiar. We need a new product for carpers for these frequent ass whoopings. Preparation-C.

Gregg said...

Common ocurance for me, the thrashing that is, not pods of available carp. Nice to see fish anyway I'd say.


Matt said...

Great photo of the crawling carp!

Ty said...

I think we carpers are a weird bunch. Seems like we have the common mindset of "Got my ass kicked today! Can't wait to go back tomorrow!".

And Matt, I wish I had a decent camera to get a really good up close shot of those fish. Pretty cool to watch them working the mud.

Jay said...

I think I finally found some carp flats near me... but it appears to be Grass Carp only in the lake. I know that's a whole different set of challenges. Have any thoughts on Grass Carp on the flats?

Ty said...

Jay, Put a small dark fly a couple of inches in front of a grassie's nose and see what happens. A #10 or #12 pheasant-tail or wet fly is what I often take them on. Grass carp are tough but they will eat a fly. Sometimes.

n.taylor said...

Carp were there anything better?

Ty said...

No, nt, there really isn't.

e.m.b. said...

And we like it. A weird bunch indeed!

lowbrow said...

Nice. But seriously, if "carp were caught", then that's just not really a serious ass whooping.

Ty said...

Yup Erin, weird. The other thing I notice about carpers is that they don't take the whole fishing thing too seriously or get grim about the inevitable beatdowns. Pretty interesting group of folks.

Well lowbrow, it wasn't a complete and utter dog-whipping, but considering the number of shots I had at fish it wasn't pretty either. I felt like I took a serious ass whipping at any rate. And yeah, I liked it.

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