Saturday, October 27, 2012

I have the plan, but not the stones.

There is a somewhat seedy little amusement park not far from here with name of Lake Winnepesaukah. Supposedly the name is derived from a Native American word for beautiful or bountiful water. Locals call the place Lake Winnie for short.

The owners of the park hold fireworks shows several times during the summer. When I lived on Missionary Ridge I could hear the booms of these pyrotechnics going off and it was not hard at all to imagine Bragg firing his batteries at Grant's men as they stormed up the slopes of the ridge and overwhelmed the Confederate positions. Not hard at all.

Anyway, there is a lake in the park. A small body of water unremarkable in everyway except that a significant population of large, and I mean large, carp resides there.

Which is where the plan comes in. Each summer I work out a scheme in my head to sneak in a travel rod and a handful of flies. I'm thinking #10 sulphur dries ought to do the trick since these fish will often rise to a bit of popcorn pitched onto the surface. I'll stand in line for the paddleboats and when my turn comes I'll paddle to the middle of the lake where I can assemble the rod discreetly. And then I'll give those brutes a go. The only real question from that point is whether or not I could land a fish before security got to me.

Each summer I try to convince myself to pull it off. What's the worst that could happen? Probably a lifetime ban from the park. Confiscation of the rod, etc. I'm not sure they would, or could, do much more than that.

But I still have not been able to summon the guts needed to go through with it. Not yet anyway.


Unknown said...

We have the exact same situation. Lakeside amusement park. My first memory of carp is feeding hordes of hungry popcorn there. Well, they don't feed them popcorn anymore but the Lake at Lakeside is absolutely loaded and absolutely off-limits. There is a train ride around the lake that is sheer torture for a carper. Tailing fish every 15 feet the whole ride.

John Montana said...

Just go for know you can't resist.

e.m.b. said...

Yup. The Zoo....koi...I want to catch a koi so bad! *Sigh* Last time I went to the zoo with a friend an her kid was pure torture.

Brent Wilson said...

DO IT!! Worst case scenario - you don't get to fish there again...which is better than never fishing there at all.

Ty said...

I can see now that nothing will do but to go through with this.

Miles said...

Neutral zone violation. The worst that can happen would be a 5 yard penalty.

Gregg said...

Ty, Pop corn fish are the easiest to entice on top and below I have found. A small yellow egg takes them well also sunk after a few fish. You must seriously think this through but do it. I read a story of a trout pond being poached. The suspect was just never seen until a pound and a half fish traveled up his leg into his pants. If there is a will ther is a way.


Gregg said...

On second thoght Ty,

We have a park pond connected to another by a tiny trickle that runs under a major avenue. The one I used to fish but something is amiss-not worth it now. The other is designed for walking and has the most tremendous water you can imagine. Carp-large-everywhere plus huge grassies. The only cty park off limits to fishing. I know from my boys' fish and game transgressions in the past that they could take your gear away and your licencse as well. I so want to fish there-but I don't dare. I gave you bad advice, perhaps it is NOT worth it.


Mr. P. said...

Heck Ty, maybe security will be so impressed with you catching a Carp that they will start selling tickets to do it. You could be a trail blazer.

Ty said...

Yeah Miles, as long as they don't throw some fool personal foul penalty in there and throw me out of the game. Or into the pokey.

Don't think I would equate this poaching, Gregg. I wouldn't be keeping any fish and I wouldn't be trying to hide from anyone. I'd pull that fly rod out in front of God and everybody and go to work! I think the consequences would be determined by the sense of humor of the security detail.

Heck yeah Mr P. Maybe they would let me guide the paying customers. I can see it now. "I heard you're a guide. Where do you guide?" "Lake Winnie".

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