Friday, November 23, 2012

Carp pockets.

View from the main lake.
In the pocket.

Small pockets off of the main body of the reservoir here nearly always hold good numbers of carp. The pocket pictured above is especially productive and has saved otherwise fishless days for me many times.

Today for example there were 8-10 carp milling around in there. They were not easy. A couple of them had interesting reactions to the dropper. They simply rose to it and stared without taking. I've read where fish are not suspicious when they rise to a fly and study it without taking. They're not saying "Hey, I think this might be a fake. I better take a closer look!". Instead they're looking for confirmation, some sign that this thing they've risen to is alive and/or a known food source. They're simply trying to identify it as food or not food.

A fine line? Maybe. But a line nonetheless and I was thinking about that line as I watched these carp hover an inch from the hare's ear dropper. I tried to provide the confirmation they were looking for and gave the flies a twitch. Nope. They spooked immediately.

In the end I only caught one of the 10 or so fish in that small piece of water.

Elsewhere I did well and stuck several fish. November continues to be one of best months of the year so far.


B r y o n said...

Enjoying your blog, your carp behaviors and tactics are what I finding in my area this time of the year as well.

Gregg said...

Gosh Ty, sounds like your November carpin may last well into December. Though your forest looks bare, the water must still holding into the 50's. When those carp study a sub surface fly I am reminded about Barry's idea that the tippet is putting them aware, it has sure looked like that for me recently. Anyway, good stuff!


Gregg said...

Gosh Ty, sounds like your November carpin may last well into December. Though your forest looks bare, the water must still holding into the 50's. When those carp study a sub surface fly I am reminded about Barry's idea that the tippet is putting them aware, it has sure looked like that for me recently. Anyway, good stuff!


Unknown said...

You need a fly with a little more subtle action maybe? Something that will breathe with micro-currents so you don't have to twitch. Maybe a tiny soft-hackle with really fine small webby hackle? Or a touch of marabou?

Ty said...

Thank Bryon. Interesting that you're seeing the same behavior in KS as I am in GA. Checked out your blog by the way. Nice!

Exactly right Gregg. Water temps are still in the low to mid fifties. You may be right about the tippet deal. I'm using 4lb flourocarbon. Basically the equivalent of 5X. May try going lighter, but that may be asking for trouble.

You're reading my mind Trevor. After using the dropper set-up on the last several trips, I really think that a soft hackle dropper would be deadly. Gonna try that real soon. Maybe today.

Mr. P. said...

Shorts? Wow, it's 27 degrees here now. Good for you that you are catching fish in November Ty. I agree that some soft hackles are worth a try.

Ty said...

Yup Mr. P, we got it pretty good here. Mid sixties today.

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