Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hare's ear hammered.

Another victim of the hare's ear dropper.
Took the dry/dropper combo back to the carp today and hammered them. One of my best days of the year in terms of sheer numbers. The dry fly adds a visual cue to the mix that makes strike detection much easier. Some thoughts on that:

-The obvious piece of this is that the dry acts as a strike indicator. Gregg Martin has long espoused the use of strike indicators and uses them himself with considerable success. This method works extremely well with a dry fly as the indicator. The carp sucks the dropper in. The dry twitches a bit. You set the hook and the fish is on. This happens about 50% of the time.

-The other 50% of the time, the carp sucks the dropper in with no discernible movement of the dry. This seems amazing but is apparently no big deal to the carp because they pulled this stunt off repeatedly today. However there is a visual tip-off here, albeit one you have to manufacture yourself. If the fish moves to the dropper or otherwise appears to have eaten it without moving the dry, give a short slow strip.  If the fish is on, the dry will immediately begin to submerge. When you see this, that small strip should morph instantly into a hard strip-set.

-Interesting note about the above scenario: On a couple of occasions, the fish was not on when I did that short strip.  But the pull moved the nymph around, inducing the take. A nice bit of serendipity.

-In short, visual cues from the fish are still needed most of the time. As is the ability to read those cues accurately.

1 ft. in depth throughout and carp-infested
-I have been dropping the nymph about 10-12 inches from the dry. This seems about right, although I may shorten that to see what happens. The fish that I am targeting are in about a foot of water, so the nymph is suspended an inch or so from the bottom. One of many variables to experiment with here.

-There is no guesswork as far as where the nymph is. The dry fly tells you exactly where it is regardless of water clarity. Another piece of information that lends itself to strike detection.

-Although the nymph dropper is the primary player, there is a dry fly in play here too.  I've never caught a carp on a dry fly and one reason for that is that I almost never use them for carp. One of the great attractions of using the dry/dropper combo is that I'm putting a dry fly on every fish.  Gonna be a pay-off with that eventually. Almost happened in fact on my last trip.


John Montana said...

Good stuff. Magazine how they can eat a fly with so little movement.

Brent Wilson said...

Great stuff Ty.

I just noticed one of the searchable topics on the right of your blog is "Toccoa River." When I was a kid we used to drive from Florida to the north GA mountains every summer and one year my dad went in with a bunch of friends and purchased a bunch of land along the Toccoa near Suches, GA. All of my dad's friends sold their tracts, but he still owns his 4 acres +/-.

I've always wondered how the trout fishing is in that stretch. Judging by your posts, it looks to be pretty good. I may convince my family to donate the land to TU or something.

Peace out.

Ty said...

It was an amazing thing to watch John.

Wow. Small world indeed Brent. The Toccoa is an excellent trout river. I haven't spent much time in the area that you're talking about, but I would be surprised if the trout fishing isn't pretty good there. A lot folks around here would kill to have a piece of property like that.

Bill Trussell said...

Great story I have always said he makes more sense to use the dry as your indicator because you are getting that added advantage on the take---good post--you are my first reply after over a months absence on the blog circuit

Gregg said...

It is a small world let me just say that. I see color in them thar woods. Obviously the carp water is temperature frindly still. It is neat to watch carp behavior-I must say though that with an egg many of mine have hooked themselves unseen by me, I suddenly have a bucking bronco on the line. Which begs the question, was the fish hooked, or did the hook hold, as he was ejecting it? I have true winter temps now but intend to try again soon, with a new hares ear actually, though even if fish are still visible they are super touchy in these last days on the flats.


Unknown said...

Gotta learn me an easy hopper pattern. That would be the ticket here in the summer if anything.

Gregg said...

I have tried a hopper of many sorts often. Let me know if you get takes. Somewhere I read that it is the fly of choice in the Cache la Poudre by somebody for carp.


Unknown said...

Hadnt run into that little bit of intel Gregg, thanks. I know some guys use drowned hoppers on the DSP and hookup. Gotta figure they would take a floating one occasionally since they are so common but haven't gotten around to trying.

Ty said...

I like Dave's Hopper. Great terrestrial pattern. I also often use a muddler minnow dressed with floatant as a hopper imitation. Works pretty well. Appreciate the comments, gents.

Mr. P. said...

I love that these large fish take the fly so subtly.

Ty said...

I agree Mr. P. Pretty cool to watch this play out.

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