Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dry/Dropper - alternative set-up

I suspect Dan and Jay may be on to something in their comments on this previous post. So I've been looking for an alternative rigging for the dry/dropper combo and found the below video. Hopefully this will result in fewer misses on the dry fly since the nymph dropper is not tied to the hook bend of the dry as with the traditional rig that I've been using.

In any case, I've noticed I get a little queasy when I'm tying that dropper on to the dry fly hook. I realize now that I don't trust it. A trout taking a dropped nymph is one thing, but a carp is an entirely different ball game. I can't get past the feeling that I'm asking for trouble. The below appears to be potentially a better alternative:


Gregg said...


We used to insert a 6" piece of mono in a tripple surgeons my pal and I used to connect the tippet to the leader with in the trout days. The dry was on the dropper of course, almost always not a large fly, usually a spinner holding a midge pupa. Anyway, it worked well. That video showed a far more sophisticated alternative, especially for carp, though we caught browns to 4 pounds plus on the dropper.


Bill Trussell said...

I have tried this loop knot and it works well for me. The only drawback is a tangle can occur sometimes if there is too much line left after you cut the loop; I don't use the loop itself, I always cut the loop to give me a one line setup. I have also use the tiny tippet ring to tie a drop line from it. check out this link